Hamaton Inc. Launch The Only Single SKU Solution


We have launched the next generation in TPMS - our universal U-Pro Hybrid 2.0 sensor.

This brand new TPMS sensor is the only single SKU solution available, combining dual frequency (315/ 433 MHz) with configurable plus programmable technology that’s accompanied by dual valves (Clamp-In and Snap-In).

The configurable element contains integrated protocols - an impressive 97% of direct TPMS-enabled vehicles, including 2018 and 2019 models - saving valuable time. A highly beneficial attribute strengthened by its ability to configure in only 1-3 seconds - the fastest configuration time on the market.

Plus, as it is also programmable, it possesses the potential to reach 100% vehicle coverage thanks to the continual addition of new protocols meaning stock will not become obsolete. Furthermore, dual valves provide complete flexibility - choose between the enclosed Clamp-In and Snap-In valves depending on customer request.

Don’t miss out! Reduce inventories to just ONE SKU while cutting waiting times for superior customer service today. Click here for further information regarding the revolutionary U-Pro Hybrid 2.0.