Hamaton TPMS Diagnostic Tools

TPMS Consumables

Hamaton`s range of TPMS Consumables includes packs of 100 TPMS valve caps and valve cores; an essential purchase for tire repair shops whom service TPMS sensors.


Box Of 100 TPMS Valve Caps

A box of 100 TPMS valve caps.

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-516, 42321-69, T72-20-516


Box Of 100 Nickel Valve Cores

A box of 100 TPMS valve cores.

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-512, 1-1400-1, 42321-69, T72-20-512


Bag Of 100 Black Teflon Sealing Valve Cores

A bag of 100 black teflon sealed valves cores. suitable for TPMS.

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-566, T72-20-566