HTS-A78DG - U-Pro Hybrid 2.5 Universal Sensor w/ Snap-In

Valve Base Shape

Behold the next generation of U-Pro. The new Hybrid 2.5 is compatible with vehicles that employ a high line TPM system - when the dashboard displays the pressure of each tire. As a result, the vehicle coverage of the Hybrid 2.5 is much higher than its predecessor. Nevertheless, the Hybrid 2.5 has inherited the features that allow tire bays to reduce their inventories to one sensor SKU. This is because it is configurable and programmable and boasts dual frequencies (315 MHz* and 433 MHz). Thanks to the latter, tire bays need not worry about stock becoming obsolete. The Hybrid 2.5 will accept future protocols when they appear on their (ATEQ manufactured) TPMS tool, e.g., the Hamaton Hybrid HT.

Furthermore, the enhanced sensor housing, specifically designed to fit OE and aftermarket wheels, contains a powerful Maxwell battery and the latest NXP chip.

Lastly, the Hybrid 2.5 comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. **

*It is prohibited to use 315 MHz in Europe.

**You must service or replace the valve every time the tire bead is broken to uphold the sensor warranty.

Nut Torque: Snap-In

Screw Torque: 12.39in-lbs

Compatible Service Parts