Hamaton’s U-Pro Hybrid 2.0 sensor added to ATEQ's TPMS tool software


ATEQ, a leader in TPMS tool technology has introduced Hamaton's U-Pro Hybrid 2.0 sensor - the World's Only Single SKU Solution - to their TPMS tool software as part of their December update.

So, with an ATEQ TPMS tool users can configure U-Pro Hybrid 2.0 sensors in 1-3 seconds as well as program in 7-10 seconds – the fastest times on the market. Additionally, as the Hybrid 2.0 possesses 97% vehicle coverage with 100% potential (due to continual programmable updates) and a dual valve option, tire shops can reduce inventories to just ONE SKU!

ATEQ’s latest software update also includes new features, enhancing Hamaton’s H46 tool as follows:

  • Retrieve ID - with an OBDII module, retrieve existing sensor IDs from the vehicle's ECU then transfer them to new programmable sensors, which is particularly useful when cloning isn't possible, for example, due to a dead battery.
  • Manual ID - manually enter a sensor's ID into an H46 tool then follow the steps to program a sensor, which avoids relearn procedures as IDs remain identical.
  • Copy Set of Sensors - as its name suggests, consecutively copy more than one sensor.

Therefore, customers are advised to update their H46 tool at their earliest convenience.

If you require help installing WebVT or updating your H46 tool, follow our step-by-step WebVT installation guide. Please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team via (888) 588-7039 or if you have any further questions.